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Professional Prototyping Company
 in Brookfield, CT

Create an innovative product with our prototyping company in Brookfield, CT. With over 20 years of experience in product development, Concepts & Design offers creative and technical design expertise to transform your product idea into a reality. From idea sketches to CAD, photo-realistic renderings to functional prototypes, we have the resources to provide fast and effective solutions.


When you want help bringing your design to life, you want a company well-versed in prototyping. Our facility is equipped with the latest in industrial design and model-making technology. Using innovative 3D modeling software, we can create a visual rendering of how your product will turn out. In some cases, we can even create physical models for demonstration purposes.


Having a tangible object for evaluation can help speed the process along significantly. When you can hold the product in your hand and experiment with its different uses, it’s easier to get feedback and address concerns. We’ve assisted in the development of many successful prototypes.


Innovation Starts Here

Good ideas always start small. You have the potential to create something that changes everything. We have the skill and equipment to translate that idea into reality. Bring your design to us, and we’ll work with you to create a practical product that has real-world use. Our experienced designers will transform your concept and present a prototype that is to your specifications.


We strive to maximize the potential of your creative design. With our expertise, you’ll be on your way to manufacturing a new product. Whether your idea is as simple as a new toothbrush or as complex as a medical training device, we’re here to service all your prototype product needs.


Contact us to find out more about what our prototyping company does. We proudly serve customers in Brookfield, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas.

Concepts & Design

concepts & design

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