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About C&D

State of the Art Facility

C&D is located in Brookfield, CT. Our facility is fully equipped for industrial design, model-making and fabrication. Using 3D CAD, we can create designs that can be visualized as renderings or produced into physical models accurately and quickly.

Haas CNC Milling Machine

A highly automated 3-axis machining process utilizing Mastercam software. Parts are accurately produced in a variety of metals and plastics.

Haas CNC Lathe

A highly automated turning process utilizing Mastercam software allows parts to be accurately produced in a variety of metals and plastics.

Rotational Casting Machine

Rotational Casting is an extremely versatile process that produces a hollow prototype in many different shapes and sizes. Urethane materials are utilized in many different colors and durometers. Generally used in applications requiring squeezability.

SLA Projet 6000HD

Stereolithography 3D printing technology used for producing prototypes and patterns one layer at a time by curing a photo-reactive resin with a UV laser. This process creates highly precise models from 3D CAD in both clear and opaque plastic and can be painted and decorated.

Paint Applications

Area dedicated to custom painting. Customized colors can be produced from PMS color match. Specialized applications include metallics, pearlized and chrome finishes.

Conventional Fabrication

Conventional machining and fabricating equipment for conceptual model-making.

concepts & design

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